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Rowland and Lana Wedding

Our wine-themed wedding in 2006. The ceremony was performed under a grape arbor at Coon Rock Farm in Hillsborough, NC

We are Lana and Rowland Archer, the founders of WineStorageGuide.com and avid wine lovers.

We created this site because we love wine and we want to help you enjoy it as much as we do by storing and chilling it properly.

Like most wine lovers, we realize that we are probably not storing our growing wine collection very well.

We were pretty surprised to discover that while 80% of households with income over $40K/year have at least one wine drinker, less than 20% own a wine refrigerator.  This means they are probably:

  • Not enjoying wine to the fullest by serving at the ideal temperature
  • Not storing wine properly
  • Turning good or great wine into mediocre or undrinkable wine
  • Not experiencing that glorious moment when a well-aged bottle makes you close your eyes and go to another world where you savor the aroma, the taste, the finish!

We want to change all that!

You’ll find a lot right here on the website, but we add tips and techniques and reviews all the time, and hunt for bargains we can share with our readers.  You can get this news by subscribing to our newsletter.  We won’t spam you or share your email address with anyone,  you can unsubscribe any time, and you’ll only get news when we think it’s worth sharing.


We Love Each Other - and Wine!We Love Each Other – and Wine!

What’s with the wedding photo?!

We were married in 2006 and our wedding was wine-themed. The color scheme? Geen and purple grape colors of course! This was the second marriage for both of us and we already had plenty of pots and pans – so we asked our guests to just bring us a bottle of wine they liked — no matter the price.  This made it easy on the guests, and we kick-started our wine collection with over 200 bottles from our wonderful friends and family!

Where Should We Put All That Wine?!

Our novel approach to wedding gifts left us with a good problem – we love wine but we knew we weren’t going to polish off 200 bottles in a short amount of time, so we needed to figure out how to store them properly.  We didn’t need 200 bottles of vinegar.

Like mosAll That Winet people, our first thought was “wine racks.”  We had a few miscellaneous wood and wrought iron wine chests and cabinets and they were quickly filled.  A while later we found some pretty nice two piece hutches – with wine cubbies on the bottom and wine glass racks up top (yes, we also collect wine glasses – lots of them!).  This gave us storage for the things we were going to drink soon, but we still had to remember to chill the white wine in advance, and rotate the reds that were being stored at room temperature.

With 20-20 hindsight, our money would have been better put into some wine refrigerators than all that furniture, but hopefully you will gain from our experience.  Over time we want to discuss wine racks, refrigerators and cellars (dedicated rooms) but we have to start somewhere, so we decided to start with wine refrigerators.  We have done a lot of research on wine refrigerators and decided other people would probably like to know what we’ve found.

How We Got Deeper into Wine – and Building Websites

Peace, Love, WineWe love wine tastings and wine dinners. We kept missing them because there was no central place to find out about them.  So we started www.WineDiningFun.com, a comprehensive event calendar for wine events in our area (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, NC).  This puts us in touch with a lot of fellow wine lovers, and we get some cool tips from them we’d like to share with our newsletter readers.

We have been building websites since 1995.  If  by some chance you are an Allman Brothers Band fan, yes, we are the Lana and Rowland behind www.AllmanBrothersBand.com and www.GreggAllman.com.  We love having served over 1,000,000 Allman Brothers Band fans  for twenty years.     Many of them are wine drinkers and we welcome them here!

Allman Brothers Band fans – we know you enjoy our Peach-o-Gram newsletters – sign up here and we’ll keep you posted on our wine news:

How We Research and Review Products

OK ,we’re cool people and we love wine.  So what?  We also love researching stuff and sharing it, and saving you time and helping you find things that make you happy.

Rowland is a bit more left-brained and analytical so he’s into helping match you up with the best wine coolers based on the way you enjoy wine.  Check out the EZChoice™ page – it’s a matchmaker that asks you five questions and shows you the wine coolers you’ll love.

Lana is intuitive and creative and she sees the things that will make you smile whenever you look at your new wine fridge, open the door, or pull out a bottle and enjoy it to the fullest.  She loves design, the “Wow factor,” and of course, a great glass of wine!

Here’s a link to the page that tells you how we choose and research products,   We don’t review everything – in fact, we reject 3 times as many as we review.  Why waste your time?  Here’s a few we didn’t review and why.

Join Us and Share!Join Us in a Glass of Wine

We love hearing from you and answering your questions.  We also welcome your comments on our reviews plus any tips you’d like to share on wine storage – and enjoyment!

And please join our community by signing up for our newsletter below we can keep you informed on the latest tips, deals and reviews.

We want to arm you with passion and knowledge so you can…

Grab Life by the Glass!

Lana and Rowland