Wine Storage Resources

Here are some resources we use regularly that we’d like to share with you.  Enjoy!

Wine Storage Tips

We like this article on, with it’s perspective on buying and storing wine for the apartment dweller.

You can’t argue with for being an authority on wine – and they have an authoritative article about storing it.

The folks at All About Red Wine have extra in-depth info on storing red wine, including tips on storing open bottles. does a great job illustrating how wine bottle sizes vary and the effect that has on capacity.  It’s written about their wine refrigerators, but it applies to virtually all.  Click the Specifications tab on the wine cellar page to see the info.

Wine Refrigerator Retailers

The following are links to the wine section of some very respected retailers that we feel have good prices but also give good support, essential when buying online.

These are affiliates of ours and we receive a commission when you visit them via our links.  We would never recommend any company we did not have confidence in as our reputation is at stake too. – what don’t they sell?  And they have Amaz-ing customer service. – a specialty retailer with a broad selection.  They are a subsidiary of LivingDirect and have several sister vendors such as – another focused retailer with not only a great selection of wine refrigerators, but all kinds of wine storage racks too

Wine Cellar Innovations has a large selection of everything from wine racks to all you need to build a custom wine cellar – if you’d rather work with someone local who can arrange delivery, you can search their website, order something and then have them deliver it, or pick it up at the store

Wine Worth Storing

Most people just want a wine storage system to keep a few bottles or a few cases stored properly so they won’t spoil.  But if you enjoy what the aging process does, you will be on the hunt for wines that age well – over 90% don’t – meaning they just don’t get appreciably better with age.  Here are some good resources:

Our own Wine Worth Storing article series featuring expert opinions and picks

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