How We Review Wine Refrigerators

How We Select Products to Review

There are hundreds of wine coolers on the market.  Take a look at the best seller list on Amazon – who wants to sift through all those choices?!

When we choose units to do wine refrigerator reviews, we are selective.  In fact, check out the 10 Wine Refrigerator Reviews We Never Did – And Why article to get a sense of what we pass up.

We look at the hundreds of options available and select only the best to review on this site.  We will not review a wine refrigerator with less than a three star customer rating on the many retailer sites we check.  The rating must be supported by at least ten customer reviews.

We have over twenty years of experience with wine and websites, and we can spot the phony reviews from a mile away and they are discounted.  We will not review wine coolers from vendors with a bad reputation for customer service or quality.

We have no financial relationship with any manufacturer and have no incentive to steer you in the direction of any particular vendor or hold back our opinion.  Our incentive is to give you good advice so you will recommend us to your friends when it comes time for them to buy a wine refrigerator.

Once we have selected a wine fridge for review, we put it through our CoolChoice™ rating system, described below, assigning an objective score based on true customer value for all the major characteristics of  a wine cooler that make it a winner… or an also-ran.

How We Research Products

We would love to have every wine refrigerator we review shipped to us so we could put it through a live test, but it’s just not practical.  So we search, search, search the web and read, read, read some more.  We look at vendor sites, retailer sites, product descriptions, independent reviews, and all those thousands of customer comments.  We look at wine fridges every chance we get, in local stores and when visiting fellow wine lovers.  We invite your feedback on your own experience.

We talk to a lot of people at wine tastings and wine dinners, and one topic of conversation is “how do you store your wine?”   While that is only a part of our research equation, we get to hear people’s firsthand opinions on what they like and don’t like about their wine coolers.

CoolChoice™ – Our Wine Refrigerator Review Rating System

Our reviews are based on a consistent methodology.  Except for our opinion of fit and finish and “wow factor” (does it look great?), our criteria are all fact-based.

We analyze all the information and feed it into our proprietary CoolChoice™ rating system.  This system assigns a value for all these things:

  • Capacity
  • Number of Cooling Zones
  • Temperature Control
  • Shelving
  • Lock
  • Cooling System
  • Design
  • Convenience
  • Efficiency
  • Style
  • Fit and finish
  • Average Customer Review Score
  • Warranty
  • Value

These are the factors that determine CoolChoice™ ratings for Features, Quality, Style and Value, and total rating based on the individual scores.  The top-rated wine refrigerator may be assigned an Editor’s Choice designation if we feel it is deserved.

How We Make Money – Affiliate Program Disclaimer

We don’t charge you anything for this information.

We don’t sell any of these products ourselves.

It costs money to run this website and takes many hundreds of hours to do the research.  Fortunately, we love doing it.

Retailers like,,,, and others have affiliate programs.  If you buy a product by clicking one of our links that sends you to these retailer websites, we get a commission from the sale – a referral fee.

We also have some banner advertising and receive some income from that.

You don’t have to go through our affiliate links, but we really appreciate it when you do.

Why Use Our Website?

The bottom line – it’s free for you to use and we have done a ton of research for you.  We have no bias toward any particular manufacturer.  We are paid by our affiliate retailers if you click a link from our site to theirs and buy one of these products.  Your price is exactly the same whether you go through our link or not.

It’s a lot like using a travel agency.  You can do your own research, or you can ask a travel agent to recommend a great vacation.  The travel agent’s incentive is to recommend something you’ll love so you’ll recommend them to your friends.  The travel agent spends all day thinking about travel.  They visit hotels, they listen to their clients and hear what was good and bad.  They are paid by the vendors – your price is the same, but which approach gives you a better chance of having a great time?

Using Our Wine Refrigerator Reviews

Rowland and Lana Taking a Break from Doing Wine Refrigerator Reviews

Rowland and Lana Taking a Break from Doing Wine Refrigerator Reviews!

Take advantage of our research and save a lot of time filtering out the bad choices.

We’re here to help.  If you’re new to the website, please visit our “Getting Started” page which explains how to get the most out of our research.

If you have questions, please use the Contact Us page and we’ll answer you as quickly as possible.

Thanks and write to us when you get your fridge!




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