Wine 101: Wine Bottle Sizes and Designations

Wine bottles come in many shapes and sizes.  Volumes range from .1875 liters all the way up to 30 (!) liters.  Many of the names have Biblical origins.

Here’s a comprehensive look at wine bottle sizes, including the bottle names, origin of the name, volume of each, and a mapping to the equivalent number of “standard bottles,” explained further below.


Wine Bottle Sizes

The chart below expresses the sizes of various wine bottles in multiples relating to a standard bottle of wine, which is 0.75 litres (750ml.) (0.1981 U.S. gal; 0.1650 imp gal) .

Bottle Name Name’s Origin Champagne Bordeaux Burgundy Volume
in Liters
Equivalent standard bottles
Piccoloa “Small” in Italian ¼ n/a n/a 0.1875
Chopine Traditional French unit of volume n/a n/a 0.250
Demib “Half” in French ½ ½ ½ 0.375
Jenniec “White Spirit” in Welsh n/a n/a n/a 0.5
Clavelind n/a n/a n/a 0.620
Standard 1 1 1 0.750
Fifthe One-fifth of a U.S. gallon n/a n/a n/a 0.757
Magnum 2 2 2 1.5
Marie Jeannef n/a 3 n/a 2.25
Double Magnum 4 4 n/a 3.0
Jeroboamg Biblical, First king of Northern Kingdom 4 6 4 3.0/4.5
Franzia The Wine Group n/a n/a n/a 5.0
Rehoboam Biblical, First king of separate Judea 6 n/a 6 4.5
Imperial n/a 8 n/a 6.0
Methuselah Biblical, Oldest Man 8 n/a 8 6.0
Mordechai Biblical, Jewish uncle of Esther Queen of Persia 12 n/a 12 9.0
Salmanazar Biblical, Assyrian King 12 n/a 12 9.0
Balthazar Early Christian folklore, one of the Wise Men 16 16 16 12.0
Nebuchadnezzar Biblical, King of Babylon 20 20 20 15.0
Melchior Early Christian folklore, one of the Wise Men 24 24 24 18.0
Solomon Biblical, King of Israel, Son of David 26⅔ n/a n/a 20.0
Sovereign 33⅓ n/a n/a 25.0
Primat 36 n/a n/a 27.0
Melchizedek Biblical and other middle-east religions 40 n/a n/a 30.0

a Also known as a quarter bottle, pony, snipe or split.
b Also known as a half bottle or split.
c Also known as a 50 cl bottle. Used for Tokaj, Sauternes, Jerez, as well as several other types of sweet wines.
d Primarily used for vin jaune.
e For many years, the U.S. standard (non-metric) wine and liquor bottle was the “fifth”, meaning one-fifth of a U.S. gallon, or 25.6 U.S. fluid ounces (757.1 ml; 26.65 imp fl oz) . Some beverages also came in half-gallon and one-gallon sizes. disp=or In 1979, the U.S. adopted the metric system for wine bottles, with the basic bottle becoming 75 cl, as in Europe.
f Also known as a Tregnum or Tappit Hen in the port wine trade.
g Jeroboam has different meanings for different regions in France.



Standard Racks Bottle Width  
Split (375ml): 2 3/8 “
Bordeaux: 2 7/8 “
750ml Boutique: 3 1/8 “
Small Champagne: 3 3/16″
Burgundy: 3 1/4″
Large Pinot: 3 3/8″
Magnum Racks
Large Champagne: 3 7/8″
Magnum (1.5L): 4″


standard slot
magnum slot,jpg


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