Branding Your Vacation Rental: Essential Steps for Success

Having a brand is not only having an identifiable logo or name that makes you stand out in the industry. It is also how customers see you when they connect with your business, from the search results to checking out of your vacation rental.

It’s increasingly important to developing your brand during these uncertain times. How you promote your vacation rental and respond to the coronavirus crisis will determine how prospective guests will see your business in the long term.

COVID-19 might have prevented people from going on vacation, but they spend most of their time online. They’re likely window shopping for places to stay once the crisis is over.

Building your vacation rental’s brand boils down to these vital steps:

Analyze Your Competitors and Target Audience

Search and analyze your direct and indirect competitors. Take note of their services and how they describe their listings. Check their reviews and see what their customers have said about them.

Browse the social media posts of guests who have checked into your and your competitors’ vacation rentals. Get an idea of how they speak and what their interests are.

Define Your Brand

Start by creating a position statement, a summary of what you want your business to represent. It should include:

  • What type of vacation rental you offer
  • What services are available
  • Who your target audience is
  • What sets you apart from your competitors

Apply Your Branding Across Your Business

Make your brand consistent throughout all aspects of your business, including:


If your branded your vacation rental as a low-cost homestay, it shouldn’t charge a hundred dollars per night. For reference on how much to charge, refer to vacation rental or Airbnb smart pricing services for help.

Cruise party

Your Website or Listing

Whether you have an official website or placed your vacation rental on online listings, create a story of your brand that appeals to your audience’s emotions. Highlight your services and key differentiators.

Interior Design

If you branded your vacation rental as a paradise away from the city, it has to look the part. Take the time to design the space so that it fulfills customer expectations.

You can also place your logo and slogan on:

  • Every page of your welcome book
  • Various notes you leave around your rental
  • Handwritten cards upon your guests’ check-in
  • Your business cards
  • As the Wi-Fi network name and password


Unify the look of your vacation rental in listing photos. Use photo editing tools to make sure that your photos provide a coherent theme and reflect your brand.

Social Media

Being on social media not only helps you promote your business, but it also allows you to engage with your potential guests. Create relevant content about your rental to share on your social media pages. Talk to your customers and encourage them in a conversation by asking them things like their dream vacation.

You’ll never be able to control how people see your brand, but you can guide them in the right direction. Develop your brand to create an exceptional first impression, manage customer expectations, and build your reputation.

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