Facebook as an Educational Tool: Skills and Hobbies You Can Learn on Facebook Groups

Primarily, Facebook’s founders created their social networking platform to connect people. Nowadays, it has evolved to be an educational tool. One of its uses is as a site of communication for teachers and students. The social media platform has also worked out ways to help educate people on important matters such as COVID-19-related information. At the same time, many people can use Facebook as a source for learning new things.

If you want to be in a community of experts and newbies alike, search for Facebook groups dedicated to a skill or hobby.

Most of the time, these Facebook groups are organized, complete with rules and guidelines. You can ask questions and interact with people in the group, something you cannot do when watching instructional videos. Also, some groups exist for specific local communities. The group members can help you navigate things better if they are in the same area as you are.

If you are not yet sure about what skill or hobby to start learning, here is a list of things you might be interested in:

Language Learning

Learning a new language or two is something many people should try. Not only does it look impressive on your résumé, but it is also practical. The key to learning a language effectively is constant exposure to it. Joining a Facebook group where locals of a language participate will be highly helpful. Only the natives will be able to help you, especially with slang and certain nuances. You can also get a practice buddy among the members of the group. Some language learning groups have scheduled activities to facilitate learning better.

Jobs and Freelancing

You might have a certain hobby or skill that you can sell to others. There are Facebook groups for that as well. If you are into writing, you can join writing groups. If you are into painting or drawing, there are also communities for that. In groups that focus on skill, you can post progress pictures or ask members for their opinions on your work.

Moreover, you don’t have to look any further for a place to look for clients. There are marketplace groups for artworks, graphic design, and writing jobs. Upon joining, some moderators will ask if you are an artist or a client.

Home Improvement and DIY Projects

Facebook groups on home improvement and DIY are pretty common. This is where members share the latest appliance or tool they bought that others may be interested in. People have many questions about houses in general. It could be how to fix a clogged drain, why the heater is not working, or where to buy a reliable coffee maker. Sometimes, there are professionals in the group who might have the answer to your problem.

man making investments

Business and Making Investments

Financial literacy has been making a buzz on the web recently. This has fascinated many people to look into investing and wealth building. Since there are many places where you can invest your money, you have to study them carefully. It can be real estate, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and business.

Facebook groups are a huge help. Depending on what kind of investment you are interested in, there is a group for that. You are sure not to miss any critical updates and milestones since members are likely to share updates about the market and the like. You can also discuss with other members about investment strategies and techniques.

Scholarship Opportunities

Facebook groups are also a great way to look for scholarship opportunities. Suppose you are looking to pursue postgraduate studies abroad. In that case, you may look for a specific scholarship you are eyeing on Facebook groups.

If you don’t have one you are interested in yet, there are bigger Facebook groups. Sometimes, school coordinators themselves post these opportunities. The members will also be helpful when you have questions about specific details. Many members who have successfully applied for scholarships stay in such groups to help others.

Zero-Waste Lifestyle

Aside from hobbies and skills, Facebook is also a great way to start adopting a new lifestyle. If you have been thinking about going eco-friendly, go check out Facebook groups on zero-waste living. It would help if there were one in your locality. Zero-waste lifestyle groups often have a place to give out the stuff you do not need anymore but are completely working. Get inspired by stories of how people successfully adopted a zero-waste lifestyle.

The best thing about Facebook groups is the genuine human interaction that it allows. Be sure to make the most of that. Start learning a new skill or hobby while connecting with other people from all over the world.

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