Five Qualities of a Great Corporate Event Venue

One of the most crucial aspects of planning a memorable gathering is choosing the right venue. If you are on the lookout for the perfect location for your next corporate event, here are things you need to look for:

Appropriate Size and Configuration

The size, number, and configuration of the rooms in the venue are among the most important things to consider because these can affect the ambiance and flow of the event. It is imperative you have enough space to accommodate your attendees. Additionally, the people who will be attending the event should neither be cramped nor spread out. A space that’s too small compromises comfort, while a space that’s too large stifles communication and incurs unnecessary expenses for your team.

You should also check for internet connectivity, lighting fixtures, sound systems, and other amenities you and the guests will need during the event.

Accessibility of the Location

You don’t want a venue that is too far or inaccessible for most of your guests. This would discourage them to attend the event. So, assess the location and route carefully. If possible, provide guests with directions on how to reach the place.
Parking is also a feature you need to consider when checking potential venues. Participants who bring their own vehicles will be inconvenienced if they had to drive around the area to find a suitable parking space.

The Ambiance of the Venue

event space

As much as possible, visit any corporate event space in NYC you’re eyeing to get a feel of its ambiance. Check its surroundings, as well — the lawns, the parking spaces, and the route. Remember, the atmosphere of the venue reflects your brand. Moreover, beautiful landscaping and luxurious features can get attendees more excited about the activities and presentations.

Attendees are also particular about how the ambiance of the place matches the agenda of the event, so make sure the setting is appropriate for the guests. If the event, for instance, is high-end and corporate, it won’t be a good idea to hold the event in venues with a rustic setting.

Quality of Food

The quality and variety of food served is crucial to the success of the event. So, choose a venue that can accommodate gluten-free, vegan, and other special diets, in case some of your guests have food allergies and other dietary restrictions. The kitchen and dining area must be sanitary, as well.

A Professional and Reliable Staff

The service of the venue staff can make or break the event. So when you’re looking around for a venue, ask the staff what types of events they’ve hosted in the past, and what they did to make the event special. It is important that the staff can easily adapt to different types of event — an assurance that they’ll respond well to challenges that may arise.

Experienced event planners go to great lengths to ensure they can pull off extraordinary events. The venue can significantly influence the success of any corporate event, so make sure you consider each aspect of the venue carefully.

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