Lifestyle Activities for the Gentleman: What to Try

  • Gentlemanly behavior, including respect and politeness, can positively impact personal and professional relationships.
  • Gentleman’s sports like golf, tennis, and polo foster mental discipline and strategic thinking, essential gentleman qualities.
  • A refined coffee habit, including brewing techniques and coffee tours, exemplifies the discerning, knowledge-seeking gentleman.
  • Fashion investments reflect a gentleman’s taste and respect, contributing to their branding and self-expression.

Being recognized as a gentleman carries significant benefits in both personal and professional domains. In a society that values respect and courtesy, gentlemen often find that their reputation precedes them, opening doors and fostering relationships.

A survey by PR Newswire exemplifies this, revealing that 86% of women and 88% of men value good manners, often associated with being a gentleman, in their colleagues. Similarly, a study by the Social Psychological and Personality Science journal found that individuals exhibiting traits associated with being a gentleman, such as politeness and respect, were 18% more likely to receive promotions in the workplace. 

Additionally, being a gentleman can also positively impact one’s personal life. Research by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology indicates that individuals who show respect and kindness, critical components of gentlemanly behavior, have a 67% higher chance of maintaining successful long-term relationships.

These statistics underline the importance of upholding the qualities that define a gentleman, demonstrating that this branding can lead to tangible benefits in both one’s professional and personal life.

To live the life of a gentleman, you must be accustomed to certain lifestyle activities. Some popular activities for gentlemen can be regular, but there are a few you might want to try incorporating:

Gentleman’s Sports

Gentlemen playing golf

A category dedicated to gentlemen has evolved in sports, known as “Gentleman’s Sports.” These sports are often characterized by their traditions, rules, and etiquette that align with the qualities of a gentleman, such as respect for opponents, integrity, and grace under pressure. They promote physical fitness and foster mental discipline, strategic thinking, and camaraderie, qualities revered in a gentleman.


Golf is often associated with gentlemen due to its strong emphasis on etiquette and sportsmanship. The game requires strategic thinking, patience, and precision, making it a perfect match for the gentleman’s sports category. Moreover, it offers networking opportunities and new relationships in a tranquil environment.


Tennis, often referred to as a gentleman’s game, is another sport that promotes respect for the opponent, self-discipline, and strategic thinking. It’s a game of skill and endurance that requires players to maintain grace and composure, even in high-pressure scenarios.


Polo, often called the “Sport of Kings,” has long been associated with nobility and gentlemen. It requires teamwork, strategic planning, and horse-riding skills. Polo matches are often social events, providing an excellent platform for networking and socializing with like-minded individuals.


Rowing is a sport that fosters teamwork and endurance. Known for its deep-rooted traditions, it emphasizes discipline, coordination, and physical fitness. Participating in rowing is a testament to a gentleman’s perseverance and commitment to physically demanding tasks while maintaining a team spirit.

Coffee Habits

Coffee habits for gentlemen

If you are a gentleman, then the regular order at the commercial coffee store might no longer be enough for you. It’s time to step up your coffee game and consider the following coffee habits:

French Press Coffee

The French press is a great way to make superior-tasting coffee that will impress even the most discerning connoisseur. It requires a particular type of grind and respect for proper brewing techniques, making it the perfect choice for a gentleman.


Espresso is an intense, robust coffee loved by caffeine fans worldwide. It requires precision and patience during brewing, making it ideal for those looking to master their coffee-making skills. With just the right amount of espresso beans and water, you can create a delectable cup of coffee that will make you stand out.

Coffee Tours

Of course, learning more about coffee will make you appreciate it even more. Take a fun coffee tour in your area and learn about the different varieties, roasting methods, brewing techniques, and flavor profiles of coffee. Visiting different coffee shops will educate you and provide networking opportunities with other caffeine lovers.

Fashion Investments

Fashion investments serve as an integral aspect of a gentleman’s lifestyle. Dressing well is more than just about appearance; it reflects personal taste, attention to detail, and respect for oneself and others. When a gentleman invests in his wardrobe, it demonstrates an understanding of style and aesthetics and the awareness that presentation matters.

An impeccable dress sense can often leave a lasting impression and establish a solid personal brand. Quality clothing items may come with a higher price tag, but their timeless design and durable fabric ensure they stand the test of time, embodying the principle of ‘buy less, buy better.’ Moreover, investing in fashion can enhance a gentleman’s confidence, making him feel comfortable and prepared for any social or professional situation.

Finally, fashion is a form of self-expression. A gentleman can express his personality and values through his fashion choices, whether investing in sustainable brands, supporting local designers, or wearing pieces representing his cultural heritage. Thus, investing in fashion is not merely about physical garments but cultivating an image that aligns with a gentleman’s values and lifestyle.

Final Thoughts

Living the life of a gentleman involves more than just donning a suit and drinking tea. It entails cultivating habits that embody politeness, respect, and courtesy. From golf to coffee tours, there are many activities you can incorporate into your lifestyle to demonstrate these qualities. Additionally, fashion investments can be an excellent way for gentlemen to express their tastes and values. To become a gentleman, consider the various lifestyle activities outlined here as a perfect starting point.

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