Sublime Springtime in Fish Creek, Wisconsin

If you’ve outgrown the craziness and ruckus of the spring breaks of your youth, then a bit of quiet and relaxation should be more to your taste. Fish Creek, Wisconsin, can provide what you’re seeking, and you can even take the kids along with you.

Nature Trails for Hiking, Biking, and More

Winter was a bit heavy on the snow in Wisconsin, so expect a bit of snow on the trails. However, the trails of Peninsula State Park remain open for hikers and bikers. For now, bikes with balloon (snow) tires dominate the trails, but spring weather will soon thaw away the snow by mid to late March. The park is the third-largest in Wisconsin, and it draws more than 1 million visitors each year. The park covers close to 4,000 acres, and the state has carefully developed it to include scenic locations and functional facilities without getting in the way of the majesty of nature.

The paved bike trails span close to 10 miles, providing an hour or so of riding or three hours of hiking. Take a walk to the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse and visit the museum that keeps records of the park’s history. If you’re up for a show or two, visit the Northern Sky Theater and enjoy musical plays with mostly happy endings. If the missus and the kids are too tired after a day of exploration, why not enjoy a round of golf at the Peninsula Golf Course? The 18-hole course is often considered as the most scenic course in Wisconsin and certainly one of the most challenging.

Cozy Inns and Hotels

Fish Creek is home to a multitude of inns and a smattering of hotels. While cozy inns are quite suitable for couples traveling together, hotels are more appropriate if you’re bringing along the kids. Choose a hotel with a swimming pool or two, and it should keep the kids occupied, allowing you to bask in the sun, read a book for a couple of hours or so, or maybe pamper yourself with a spa treatment. A quick stroll outside will regale you with a cornucopia of shops and restaurants, each with specialties and charms.

A Bit of Wine, Perhaps?


With more than 10 wineries, a wine tour of Fish Creek can fill your days with reds, whites, sparkling, and popular local specialty blends. While most wine tours will usually cover 2-3 wineries, specific Fish Creek tours can have you touring five or more at a time. Schedule your visit around April or May, and you can take your tour amidst blooming cherry blossoms that make the trip a bit more romantic and memorable. Of course, every wine tour will not be complete without a bit of cheese tasting and the sampling of local delicacies. Just choose what type of tour you want (because there are a lot) and enjoy a day of wine tasting.

Fish Creek is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Outdoor activities and the coziness of a quiet town provides both a mesmerizing and relaxing experience.

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