Visiting London on a Shoestring Budget

One of the must-visit countries in Europe is the United Kingdom (also known as Great Britain and England). Once known to occupy 25% of the world under the British Empire before World War 2, the United Kingdom is rich in historical sites like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Stonehenge, Canterbury Cathedral, and more. A visit there is certainly an experience worth enjoying.

You cannot complete your United Kingdom experience without visiting its capital, the City of London. The city is so diverse and exciting and is home to such amazing sights like museums, malls, sports arenas, and parks.


Unfortunately, if you are not careful, being a tourist in London can be an expensive experience. The travel costs alone to get there could burn a hole in your pocket. Hotel accommodations, high-priced tourist packages, expensive food, etc., can dampen the enjoyment of visiting such a beautiful city.

Fortunately, there are tips for making your trip to London a relatively inexpensive one. These tips include:

Go during the offseason

This is the best time to go cost-wise because it is during this season where tourism is at its lowest and promo fares and entrance tickets abound. This low season starts typically from November 1 until December 12, and again from Christmas Day until March 14.

Book your flight early and avoid the direct flights

By booking early, you can chance upon “early bird specials.” Flights with at least two stops are the cheapest, and so are flights that let you arrive at your destination several hours before hotel check-in times.

Man sitting on suitcase and calling by cellphone at airport

Travel light

Try to squeeze all your belongings into a carry-on bag. That way, you can avail of cheaper “no-frills, no check-in luggage” fares. Traveling light also allows you to be more flexible in travel options like the bus or train.

Look for inexpensive accommodation and book early

Don’t waste your money on expensive hotel rooms that you will probably be staying in only to sleep. Before flying to London, go online and search for those budget-friendly hotels that don’t only offer affordable stay but are also close to public transportation that can take you to the places you want to visit. Make sure to book early to save more.

Include free tourist attractions in your itinerary

These are places where no entrance fees are charged yet are quite enjoyable. Examples would be all the parks, Covent Garden, and the British Museum.

Make friends with the locals

Most are quite friendly and can give you pointers on where to eat delicious and filling food that is not expensive, the fastest and cheapest route to tourist sights, clustering of sights to save on transportation, and even the local pub where the ale is inviting but will not cost you an arm and a leg.

London is normally an expensive place to visit because it is quite popular among tourists. This, however, does not mean that you must spend a lot to enjoy the city. With proper planning and practical strategies like searching for budget-friendly accommodation, you can afford the experience.

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