Layover Blues: What to Do While Waiting for a Connecting Flight

If you’ve been traveling frequently, long layovers are something very familiar to you. Layovers happen when you have to transfer planes halfway through the trip. For example, if you booked a flight from NYC to LA with a layover in Houston, you have to get off the plane once you arrive in Houston and ride to a new plane to get to LA. Thus, layovers add extra time to the trip, especially those that take a full day or more.

Layovers may come as a benefit for those looking for cheap flight deals. But for some travelers, long layovers are nothing but a source of pain and boredom. Every traveler has a fair share of experiences about unpleasant layovers during their stay at the airport. Some view them as a nerve-wracking experience, while others are left exhausted because of the long hours of waiting.

Luckily, international airports are doing their best to provide a quality airport experience for their customers. One example in Singapore is airport shopping that keeps passengers occupied while waiting for their next flight. These shopping malls are filled with eateries, boutiques, and endless entertainment options.

Besides shopping, there are other ways to make use of your time at airports. In this article, we’ll talk about creative ways to spend your long layovers or stopovers.

Hit the gym

Modern airports have changed, and some major hubs come with fitness facilities for those needing a workout session while traveling. Some even have gyms where passengers can rent exercise gear and attend fitness classes.

Working out during your journey may seem unconventional, but it works best for those who feel jittery before a long flight. A few hours of workout or yoga classes are a great way to stretch your body and boost blood flow before and after a long flight.

If working out isn’t your thing, take a tour of the entire airport facility by simply walking around. You’ll never know if you end up seeing some interesting sights around the area.

Explore the locale

If the layover will take over 12 hours of waiting time, now is your chance to sneak in a mini-adventure. Why waste time in the airport or hotel if you can try some adventure? Leave the confines of the airport and explore your current destination.

How you want to spend your trip during the layover depends on the city, your interest, and the remaining time you have. Before heading out, be sure the city is safe to travel around. Map the places you want to visit to estimate the amount of time you need before the next flight.

You can also avail of the free tours offered by cities for passengers on layovers. This is a great option if the timing works according to the schedule. You may also request a tour guide to make the most of your time instead of wasting your layover feeling lost.

During the trip, check out nearby restaurants to get a taste of the local culture. You can also use this opportunity for a quick side trip by visiting popular destinations.

Go for some retail therapy

Most airports have duty-free stores, particularly international terminals. Travel experts recommend taking advantage of duty-free shopping since import fees and taxes don’t apply, making you save more money on most products, depending on the location and exchange rates.

Duty-free stores have top-notch brands that offer designer items at a slightly lower price. These purchases are worth the indulgence, especially if you’re desperate for a retail therapy adventure. You can also check out recreational amenities, such as spa services, movie theaters, and sports lounges. These places will sure keep the entire family occupied, no matter how long the layover gets.

Get some sleep

Whether traveling for a vacation or business trip, it’s important to give yourself enough rest halfway on your journey. Long flights are terribly exhausting, so consider booking a hotel instead of lying in the airport lounge.

Most airlines provide exclusive hotel discounts for stopover and layover passengers. If you’re lucky, you get free accommodation while waiting for the connecting flight. Otherwise, use travel applications to find cheap hotel bookings. During the stay, allow yourself to relax while taking advantage of hotel amenities.

Wherever your layover is located, airports have plenty of entertainment sources available for passengers. Still, you have to consider your budget and the distance to keep the most of your flight experience. Having a long layover at the airport can be exhausting, but you don’t want to tire your finances and physical energy even more. So, consider our techniques above to enjoy a worthwhile travel experience.

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