After-Partying in Seattle For Everyone

Every once in a while, it’s nice and invigorating to have fun all night long. Whether you’re the type to enjoy dancing in a club, chilling in bars, taking a quiet stroll under the moonlight, or lounging in affordable hotels, there are several late-night places that are suited to your taste in the vicinity of KeyArena in Seattle. After a lit party or event, heading to another place to have more fun is a good idea.

Seattle is packed with numerous tourist attractions that even locals love. Perfect for both nightlife and family amusement, the city is guaranteed to give you satisfaction no matter which place you go any time of the day.


Being the most common choice for an after-party activity, Seattle prides itself in having several bars and taverns all around the city. These bars have different creative and cool themes like books, bath, and rabbits. Hanging out in themed places with a good drink is a one-of-a-kind experience, so if this is your type of fun, go ahead and experience it for yourself. Seattle bars are also a haven for local musicians, so going to the bars to have a taste of their talent is contributing to their music scene.


If you can’t get enough of partying, Seattle is also packed with nightclubs. Tourists and locals alike flock these clubs because of great music, drinking, and because they like to dance. Get yourself some good distraction by checking them out. If you are too tired but could still do with loud music, clubs aren’t only for dancing, but for lounging as well, so you get the best of both worlds. Popular DJ’s and musicians frequent these nightclubs, so you may catch one of your favorites, too

Late Night Dining and/or Coffee

If your stomach still got more room for a full-course meal, dessert, or any food or beverage at all, numerous restaurants and cafes are still open late at night to accommodate your hunger. Partying takes a lot of your energy, so relaxing in a cozy coffee shop or a peaceful restaurant will ease your exhaustion.

Enjoying a hot cup of tea is also a great idea. Seattle’s tea culture is described to be great. From Milk Tea, Earl Grey, Thai tea, brewed tea, to South African tea, Seattle has a lot to offer when it comes to your tea cravings.

Late Night Walks

Having late night stroll in the city

Seattle has some of the prettiest streets in the State. If you want to enjoy the rest of the night without setting your cash loose, a late-night walk might just give you that satisfaction. Walking in the streets of Alaskan Way can soothe your nerves because of the beautiful view of Elliot Bay and the Olympic Mountains. Denny Way is also a cool street to walk on, being near the Museum of Pop Culture, KeyArena, and the popular Space Needle.

Like Alaskan Way, Lake Washington is also edged along the water, serving you another great view. If busier roads are your preference, Pine Street is teeming with nightlife establishments.

Those are only a few suggestions to savor the night. If after everything, staying in is still your preference, that’s still awesome. Seattle hotels and inns offer great accommodation deals, anyway. So, wherever you may be, making the best of every experience is key to having fun.

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