Four Money Saving Tips for a Wedding on a Budget

We all know how wedding costs can pile up if you fail to monitor your expenses. You have to remember though that you can very well have a memorable celebration and reception without having to break the bank.

One easy way you can save on costs, for instance, is by knowing the season or months most caterers charge less. The following are other things you can do to keep your wedding budget tight as planned.

Reduce the number of guests

We know how heartbreaking it can be to celebrate your wedding without all of your friends and relatives. However, cutting the number of guests on your list will make it much easier for you to reduce your expenses.

This will let you save around 50% of your budget since you will be able to lower your expenses for many details, including the wedding invitations and catering services, as well as your wedding venue in Tunbridge Wells.

Timing is everything

Did you know that timing also plays a crucial role if you want to save money on your wedding? You can minimize the cost of catering, for example, by holding the reception at a less ideal time like 2 p.m. There is a huge chance your guests have already had their lunch and will not have enough appetite to have a full course meal by this time. Also, caterers who agree to take the project during this period often give around 40 to 60% discount.

You can also choose to serve brunch for your reception, instead of lunch or dinner since this is a less expensive option. Moreover, your guests will not probably drink as much alcohol as compared to holding the event in the evening.

Do it all in one place

Having your wedding ceremony and reception in a single location will also help you save more money than you would expect. It will cut off the travel time for the vendors that you hired, especially if you pay them by the hour. You can even use the money that you saved on other essential aspects of your wedding, such as the menu or the entourage.

Use less expensive blooms

Wedding bouquet

If you want to have black magic roses but do not have the budget for it, then consider having deeply colored dahlias instead. Choosing less expensive alternatives will save you more than $3 per stem. You can always ask your florist to recommend cheaper alternatives to help cut off some of your expenses. Also, if your florist will only be using two types of stems, then consider buying them in bulks.

Being smart about your choices will make it easier for you to save money without giving up any of your wedding wishes. Ultimately, your guests will not remember your decors or the name of the DJ. Instead, they will remember how happy everyone was during the event. Letting them get a glimpse of your new chapter in life as a couple will always be the best part of the entire celebration.

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