Majestic Day Hikes in Europe

Europe is a fascinating destination that is always on bucket lists because of its rich culture, delicious food and storied past. Other than its heritage, the continent boasts some of the most spectacular landscapes. You don’t have to go on a multi-days’ hike to see nature’s beauty.

There are day hikes that you can do from cities and towns if you want to get away from the city’s frenetic pace and large groups of tourists. For some alpine tour or hiking and stunning views, here are top day hikes to consider during your European escapade.

Lauterbrunnen (Switzerland)

Switzerland has many landscapes that will leave you awestruck one of those places is Lauterbrunnen. There are plenty of flat trails or ones that only have gradual ascents and descents. These characteristics make this destination ideal for beginners, families and seniors.

It is also possible to do regardless of the season. The hike provides multiple views of the towering mountains, white and jagged peaks and cerulean lakes.

Isle of the Skye (Scotland)

Scotland has many stunning views that will make you stop and stare. One of those places is the Isle of the Skye. This destination is a popular place to visit because of the easy trail. It deserves its popularity because of the awe-inducing vistas the rugged landscape provides.

The remarkable feature of this attraction is the Old Man of Storr. Many visitors take numerous photographs of this rock formation. The trek takes just approximately one hour, depending on your pace. To avoid the crowds go late in the afternoon just before sunset.

man hiking the mountains

Krivan Peak (Slovakia)

This hike isn’t exactly for beginners but is one of the most spectacular in Slovakia. The hike up Krivan Peak may take up to eight hours or more depending on pace. This may take an entire day even if you start early.

The journey is worth the trouble and effort because it takes you through jaw-dropping valleys and lakes until you reach the massif.

Pulpit Rock (Norway)

Norway is a famous country because of its stunning fjords and awe-inducing landscapes. The Pulpit Rock is one such destination that draws crowds. This ancient stone has been photographed numerous times and splashed on social media profiles and magazines.

The good thing about this place is that it is an easy day hike which takes around four hours round way.

Ladder of Kotor (Montenegro)

This serpentine route will lead you to a stunning bird’s eye view of the city and bay below. The walk-up is short but can strain your knees because of the many steps you’ll take. During your trip, you’ll also see St. George’s Church and Spiljari.

Lac Blanc (France)

Situated in the French Alps, Lac Blanc is an easy hike for hikers of all levels. You’ll start your trip riding a cable car and chairlift after those most of your trek will be descending. The views are nothing short of spectacular.

These are only some of the easy day hikes you can do while exploring Europe. The continent has more nature trips for the outdoorsy traveler, more than any list can contain.

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