The Secret To Eating Healthy In A Fast Food Restaurant

Fast food restaurants can be enticing for most people, especially for those who are always on the go. Not only are they convenient, but their prices are also challenging to bypass.

But most fast-food chains always contain high amounts of fat, calories, sugar, and salt in their meals. Thus, making it unhealthy for most people. Eating fries, a triple cheeseburger, and a chocolate shake can add up to a 2,000 caloric intake to your body. That's more than a day's worth of saturated fat and more sodium than most dieticians would recommend for the whole day.

For those people who are genuinely concerned about their health, fast food may not be the right choice. But there are ways to help make healthier options when going to a fast-food restaurant.

Making a healthy choice

Although healthy fast food sounds farfetched, there are ways to help create a healthy eating plan when you go to a fast-food restaurant.
One way to do it is by keeping a portion of your meal in small sizes. Mayo Clinic says that if the restaurant offers sandwich sizes, you need to pick the smallest one. Also, skip on hamburgers that have two or three patties, too. Doing so will help you avoid any foods that are nearing 800 calories.

Although it can be difficult, you should also try skipping on a large serving of those delicious hot fries. Instead, ask for a small meal so that you can satisfy your cravings. Doing so will help save you from gaining 200 calories more with every meal.

You should also try to choose healthier side dishes if you have the option to do so. So, instead of selecting French fries, you can try to have a cup of steamed rice to cut down on your calorie intake. Other healthy options can be fruits, corn on the cob, or even baked potato chips.

If salad is an option, then go with an entree salad with shrimp or grilled chicken. You can still have the dressing of your choice. But make sure to be cautious with the amount of dressing that you'll be putting in your salad. You can use half of what it came with or keep the salad on the side. Doing so helps control the calories that you take in from the added fat, sugar, and sodium.

Foods to consider

steamed food

When it comes to eating fast food, there are several options that you can find. If you're ordering from a Chinese chain, choose grilled or steamed meals. These are low in fat and sodium, which are perfect for your health.
Meanwhile, if you're eating from a Korean fast-food restaurant, choose a grilled honey barbeque chicken meal instead of a typical burger sandwich. As much as possible, veer away from teriyaki wings or popcorn chicken because these meals contain a lot of calories.
Eating at a fast-food chain shouldn't cause your health any harm. All you need to do is be mindful of your choices, especially when you are dining out.

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