Traveling the World: Why Singapore is Worth the Visit

More than just being the world’s economy giant, Singapore is also recognised by many as the perfect destination to have an enjoyable and relaxing vacation. While many might think that its small size could limit the fun and excitement, you’ll be surprised by the variety of activities you can experience in this city-state. You’ll discover that there’s something more than meets the eye to the Lion City.

From historical places to unique rides and lights show, you’ll certainly find plenty of them in Singapore. To convince you even more, here are some good reasons this city-state is worthy of your vacation plan:

They Have the Most Diverse Cuisine

A quick look at Singapore’s history will take you to some of the most colourful and diverse origins. This can be clearly reflected in some of the country’s notable dishes and food. They have Wanton Mee, which is inspired by a Cantonese noodle dish, and Laksa, a spicy noodle soup that originated in Malaysia.

You’ll also discover that the city-state has extensive dishes that fuse European and Asian taste like curry, stew, and many others. It is due to these influences why Singapore gained titles, like the country where ‘East meets West’.

They Have Whole Island for Amusement

Sentosa Island

Even at its size, would you believe that Singapore has managed to create a resort island dedicated for fun and entertainment? Well, it’s time you do.

Sentosa Island has been known to be the city-state’s centre of attractions. You’ll find museums, amusement parks, observation tower, eco-park, and many other attractions you can think off. In here, you can get Sentosa Merlion ticket passes, which give you the best view to the 37-metre replica of Singapore’s most iconic insignia.

Their Shopping Malls Are One-of-a-Kind

In Orchard Road alone, you’ll find a series of malls and shopping centres carrying local and international brands. Not only that, there are also antique shops and souvenir stores, which shows that you can literally find everything in here. They also celebrate the Great Singapore Sale yearly, which would give you the best deals, steals, and discounts you can ever imagine. If you happen to love shopping, Singapore is the perfect place to do it.

They Are Not Kidding When it Comes to Cleanliness

Among all the nations in the world, Singapore is undoubtedly the cleanest of them all. You’ll see that every corner of the street and public transport stations are sparkly and spotless. They even compete with Japan, which is known as the most disciplined and organised nation.

Singaporeans take cleanliness seriously. This is why when you’re visiting, you’ll probably figure out that littering can cost you a hefty amount of fines.

Singapore may be small, but when it comes to the number of activities and adventures it offers, it has everything you can ask for. From long walks in its park to a historical stroll, the Lion City is sure to give it to you. The next time you look for a place to visit, Singapore should definitely be on your list.


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