When Is the Best Time to Visit Seoul?

Seoul attracts visitors year-round, but more people visit the South Korean capital between March and May because of the favorable weather.

Tourists also flock to the city between September and November because of the good weather and reasonable travel expenses. But the right time to visit doesn’t just involve mild temperatures and affordable costs. Some cultural events and activities take place during certain seasons. You might want to check out an online portal to discover more things to do in Seoul.

Summer Weather

If you wish to avoid crowds of tourists, schedule your trip before June and after August. The summer season surprisingly draws more people than usual, despite the humid and rainy weather. Aside from this, travel expenses can surge because of the high demand for accommodation and services.

Those who are superstitious should probably avoid the ghost month of August as well. Otherwise, the Seoul Fringe Festival serves as one reason to visit during this month. Cartoon fans should visit the city in July when the Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival takes place. Check out the plaza for other cultural events, like busking and parades.

Cherry Blossom Experience

Some people visit Seoul to see cherry blossoms in full bloom. The best time to do this happens between March and May. Travel expenses are not too expensive, despite plenty of springtime tourists. Other favorite activities during these months include the Hangang Yeouido Spring Flower Festival in April, the Lotus Lantern Festival in May, and a skyline tour of the Namsan Tower and Lotte Tower. You will have a better view of Seoul from atop the 123-floor Lotte building, which is the third highest peak in the world at 555 meters.

streets of seoul

Entrance tickets at the Namsan Tower cost 25,500 won when you buy it online. It will cost you 27,000 won when you buy it on-site. Bring your padlock if you want to add it to staircases full of other trinkets. The ones for sale at the tower cost more than the regular price.

Managing Your Budget

Even if you stay in Seoul during the off-peak months, your expenses can quickly increase if you are unfamiliar with the city’s transit system and cheap dining spots. Foreign visitors should also know about any applicable discounts for shopping during their intended stay.

While regular taxi fares are generally cheap in the city, you should consider taking the subway instead. Most stations have maps printed in English. This is easier than struggling to tell a cab driver about your next destination. Each subway ticket costs around 1,250 won, but a reloadable Korea Tour Card lets you have discounts for the price of 4,000 won.

Each month or season has its pros and cons for visitors in Seoul. Book a flight in a particular week or month when the advantages weigh more than drawbacks. While the off-peak season is a better time for budget travelers, you should still try to book ahead of time to secure the lowest rates for hotel rooms and flight tickets.

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