Best Places to Visit in the United Kingdom

Have you ever encountered a situation where you have got lots of free time, but you have no idea what to do with that? Or a situation where you have got free time but not enough to plan a foreign trip? What if we give you the list of the best vacation spots in the UK so that you can plan a local trip to spend some quality time with yourself or the loved ones you take along. Here’s the list of best places in the UK to spend this free time exploring the beauty of mother nature.

Whether you are a student who has taken a gap year to clear your mind and think about the future or a family man who wants to have some quality time with his or her loved ones, these posts will cater to all your vacation needs.

Ancient Stonehenge

Stonehenge is a historical site located in Salisbury, UK. Situated to the west of London, it is a pleasure to eyes to view something as amazing as Stonehenge. The origin of the Sarsens stones at Stonehenge has always remained a huge mystery. However, it is now said that the long-lived mystery of giant Sarsen stones is now solved, and the origins have been traced back to Preseli Hills in West Wales.

If you want to spend some more time looking at the carvings of Stonehenge and want to book a lodge for a night or two, get into one of the Stonehenge Cottages. The cottages have great rooms with beautiful sceneries.

Lake District

As the name gives it all, Lake District is where you will enjoy the waterside views under the hot sun. It is filled with multiple small lakes, mountain ranges, and villages. Despite the number of lakes in the District, you will never feel bored with them as you will always find something unique in each of their characteristics. If you are looking for a hotel, Wateredge Inn at Ambleside is the place to head for.

Corfe Castle

The history of the Corfe Castle settlement dates long back. People have lived in this settlement for about 1,000 years now. IT resembles an ancient English world. The main attraction at the destination is the castle of Corfe. The marvellous castle and the small boutiques nearby add to the beauty of the place. You can grab a meal at the Morton s House Restaurant if you are starving.

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Cornwall is a gem of a place to explore. It is a county that has the spice of both restlessness and peace. The waves at the beaches are restless; however, the beaches are as peaceful as ever. The air at the clifftops is restless, and the sleepy towns are calm and quiet. St Michael’s, standing tall on its island, is a spot worth visiting in Cornwall. You can stay the night at the Marazion Hotel, next to the island where St Michael’s is located.

Another beauty of Cornwall is the Watergate Bay. The place instantly brings you into the beach vibes. Ensure staying at the beautiful Watergate Bay Hotel to spend some time hiking in the nearby coastal areas.

Holy Island

Holy Island has a gorgeous looking castle named Lindisfarne Castle on top of it. With a beautiful and long coastline, Holy Island is one of the best places to visit for a short vacation in the UK. You can get into the castle and explore every bit of it until satisfied. If hunger strikes you, head to the Maltings Kitchen in the Berwick Upon Tweed town to grab some delicious recipes.

Wye Valley

If you have seen Netflix’s Sex Education and love the background sceneries in the series, you will certainly like this place as the series was filmed here. Located on the border of England and Wales, Wye Valley is well-known for boat trips and hikes.

Jurassic Coast

Jurassic Coast is a UNESCO protected coastline. The best thing about this coast is that you go fossil hunting here. Laying your eyes on some 92 million years ago fossils will surely make your day special. So keep your eyes wide open when roaming around the coast. You can end your day by grabbing up a bite or booking your night at The Pig on the Beach area.

Taking holidays as and when you get some spare time from your busy life is essential for health. Luckily, the UK has flourished with many more such destinations to relax and get some quality time. Taking out some time can help mitigate the stress on your mind helping you stay mentally fit, and it is a known fact that if you are mentally fit, you can think more clearly. So keep travelling and stay healthy.

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