Outdoor Activities to Enjoy in France

Lauded for its vast array of scenic attractions and delicious cuisine, Paris is the place for those who have an insatiable appetite for travel. You can do almost everything in the city, from visiting its great history or art museums to admiring its astounding architecture, which of course, includes the iconic Eiffel Tower.

Indeed, Paris is a place for the romantically or artistically inclined, but it does not mean that its natural wonders should be left unnoticed. If you are traveling to France, make sure to explore the French countryside and enjoy outdoor activities for your bucket list.


There is no better way to explore the stunning French countryside than by cycling. With its breathtaking landscape and pleasant weather, the French countryside is the perfect place for cyclists.

If you are a professional cyclist, you should not miss going on a Mont Ventoux cycling holiday. With an ascent of 22 kilometers from Malaucene, Mont Ventoux—which is also known as the Giant of Provence—is considered one of the most rigorous climbs and associated with Tour de France. Just make sure to have a warm-up day, and you will be in good shape to venture on the challenging climb.

Burgundy is another place for cycling enthusiasts. The region boasts not only its quaint villages but also its vast wine production. Famed for its marvelous views of hillsides filled with grapevines, the region will surely leave a mark on your cycling holiday. And of course, a sip of wine will add flavor to your adventure.

Horse riding

The French are known for their deep fascination with horses, which paves the way for the development of equestrian sports and the establishment of equestrian centers and events in the country. The most famous French region for horse riding is Normandy. The scenic views of fertile plains and extensive coastlines make it the perfect place to explore on horseback.

Recognized as a UNESCO site, Mont St. Michel is a must-visit place if you want to go horse riding in Normandy. Riding along the pebbled shoreline of the Couesnon River, you can have the perfect view of the sunset.


The French Alps, which border Switzerland and Italy, are one of the sought-after skiing destinations as they offer the widest variety of resorts in Europe.

You do not have to be a professional skier to enjoy the slopes of the French Alps. If you are a beginner, learning how to ski in Meribel is a worthwhile experience. Its two designated nursery ski areas with free lifts will enable you to learn the basics of skiing in a lax environment.

Canoeing and Canyoning

venice canal

For thrill-seekers who want to explore the French Alps’ most inaccessible landscapes, canyoning is their best bet. The Barberini Canyon and the Montmin Canyon are some of the most popular destinations for canyoning. Canyoning seems like an extreme sport, but once you see the beautiful scenery and the crystal-clear water of the gushing waterfalls, you can muster up the courage to slide down the water and scramble up the steep rocks. Canyoning is a great group activity, but if you are traveling solo, it is best that you go with a qualified instructor.

Sand Yachting

A trip to France can be enjoyed in any season. If you travel to France in summer, sand yachting on the long stretch of beaches in Brittany or Normandy can be the highlight of your trip. The activity is easy to learn so that people of all ages can enjoy it.

France has so much more to offer than its well-developed cities and astonishing architecture. The arcane beauty of nature in the countryside can also leave you an unforgettable adventure, and you can appreciate it even more by doing outdoor activities that you have never experienced before.

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