The Makings of an Epic Beach Party

Summer is now setting in, and a vibe for partying is in the air. After all, with this pitch-perfect weather and the homecoming of friends and family members, makes it the perfect season for some sun worship! Unless you have the financial resources and capability to go to the most famous beach bar in Sentosa, your local beach scene can be the perfect location for the party of a lifetime.

It all comes down to careful planning and epic organizing. No matter how simple a location can be, with the mix of the perfect summer tunes, food and drinks, and the spirits of party people, you’ve got yourself a handful. But, before you get excited, here are some things you need to include for your epic beach party.

Know Your Crowd

This is the first step towards planning and organization. It wouldn’t be fitting to throw a foam party to people who want to enjoy the humid nights around a bonfire while chatting to catch up or vice versa. Determine the people you’ll be sending those invites to and at least get their opinion about the party. In this manner, you’ll be guided.

Summer Drinks and Party Food

Now that you know what squads will be circling the epic beach party, it’s time to list down the drinks they’ll be chugging. If you have killer mixing skills, you can let your circle of friends try your cocktails and decide whether it’s at par to their expectations. If not, then you need to stick with the local beers and commercially-produced cocktails. The important thing here is, never set yourself up for the shortage. Remember, refreshments can ensure everyone of a great is like fuel in making sure that people enjoy the party.

Minimalistic Summer Décor

Beach viewNo, you wouldn’t need the sparkly or the extravagant lights. All you need for the décor is the kind that makes a person feel pumped. At the same time, you’ll need something that wouldn’t hinder the people’s capacity to party. Do away from electrical wirings as beer and electricity don’t mix well. Colourful beach balls, booze, food tables decorated with paper clippings of interesting threads, and a mini fort will do.

Fun Summer Tunes

A party is never a party without electrifying beach music. However, keeping in mind the crowd that’ll attend your beach party, you may level down to an acoustic jamming session or hype it up with a collection of the best electronic dance music (EDM) from Martin Garrix, Kygo (for some tropical tunes) or the crowd favourite, the Chainsmokers.

Great Beach Activities

Of course, without some games and activities, a party will never be complete. Maybe you and your friends can play a round of beach volleyball just before the sun sets. Execute some new rules such as the losing team will have to prepare a funny skit or perform an impromptu song and dance number on the makeshift stage before the rave party starts. You can also have a game of beer pong or whatever you think everybody will enjoy.

You can even ditch the rules. Let everybody enjoy with their friends while making memories that will last a lifetime. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. A simple party will do, as long as the people you love and care for are together.

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